About our restaurant

The Restaurant of Three Springs has been opened again in the centre of the town, Lendava. We make quality dishes of quality ingredients – that is our credo. Our plan is to establish a popular restaurant with family atmosphere where the menu is based on the joints of nations and cultures living in one another’s neighbourhood. Traditional tastes from the Region of Mura in Slovenia, the Regions of Hetés, Őrség and Göcsej in Hungary and the world trends can be found on the menu. We would like to give the chance to everyone to enjoy our dishes – not only to guests preferring traditional dishes, but to vegetarians and to guests having special eating needs like gluten or lactose intolerance therefore the vast majority of our dishes are made of ingredients from local farmers. Our prices are calculated to be payable for every guest – a dinner with friends or business partners, or even a pleasant weekend lunch with the family.

When making our menu we emphasized both the trends of modern gastronomy and the traditional tastes of the different regions. We must get to know the beauty of gastronomy in a way we haven’t done before and we must enjoy the harmony of different tastes and the experience of tasting! Quality wine is a must when you eat dishes made of fresh ingredients therefore wine is an important element of our gastronomy choice, selected both from Hungary and from Slovenia. To provide the most incredible experience of tasting we make our menu and our wine list at the same time. We organise wine evenings where we invite well-known oenologists; the participants can get to know special culinary and selection of different wines with pleasant music.

We can serve our guests in case of organising a wedding reception, a family occasion, a partner meeting and even an annual company dinner either in our restaurant or at a different location with catering services as well. Our event organizers help our clients to manage the entire event, from welcoming guests to making all programmes.

Our services:

  • quality buffet lunch
  • à la carte restaurant
  • buffet lunch for families at weekends, wide range of dishes
  • wide range of different wine and pálinka selection
  • season offers according to available fresh ingredients
  • events, wine dinners with music, cultural gastronomy programmes
  • wedding reception dinners
  • family events (christening, birthday, nameday .. )
  • company events, annual company dinners
  • catering services in the neighbourhood of Lendava, in the distance of 20 km


The purpose of our family-run company is to expand the gastronomy offers of Lendava and to give a lot of joy and entertainment to all the guests visiting our restaurants and enjoying our services.